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Attuned to Reiki but not practised in a while?

This course has been developed as a result of an increasing number of enquiries from people who wish to resume their use of Reiki but feel ‘rusty’ and unsure of how to do so.

PREREQUISITE: Must be attuned to Usui Reiki Level One, Two or Master

Location: Unit A 15 Papermill Business Park, Paper Mill Road, Canton, CF118DH.

Cost: £60.00 – Deposit of £30 payable at time of booking, balance of £30 payable on day of course.

Course dates: Please ask for more details.

Description: This one day workshop is for those who have been trained in Usui Reiki, to any level, but would like a refresher course in the practice of Reiki. This day is designed to help those who:

  • would like to boost their confidence in their Reiki practice
  • may not have practised for a while and would like to get back into it
  • would like to practice practical healing on others but may not have had the opportunity to do so

Please note: This refresher course is only aimed at people who have previously been attuned to Reiki 1 or 2 is not a replacement or short cut route to attaining Reiki 1 or 2, is not the course for you if you have not previously been attuned to Reiki 1 or 2.

click here to visit the Certified Reiki Level 1 or Level 2 course page.The day will consist of: 

  • Refreshing knowledge; sharing experiences, asking questions, support through discussion and practical experience
  • Meditations to help your Reiki practice
  • Connecting to Self Reiki and our own practice
  • Practical healing on each other
  • A certificate of attendance will be given to each student on completion of the day.

Maximum class size: 3

Please contact me to register your interest in either of the Refresher day workshops.

Can I learn Reiki?

YES! Anyone can learn Reiki, no pre-qualifications are required just the desire to learn, use and work with Reiki.
To be able to channel Reiki a student needs to attend a course and receive attunements in person from a Reiki Master Teacher.
Attunements are the gentle ceremonies/processes which connect a student to the source of Reiki and enable them to channel Reiki for themselves and others.

Click here to inquire about Certified Reiki Level 1, Level 2 or Reiki Master courses.