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Reiki Distant Healing

Distance Reiki healing does not need the healer to be physically present with the recipient as healing energy can be transmitted over any distance, no matter how far apart the sender and receiver are in the world. The distance Reiki symbol joins the Reiki practitioner and the client together in a sacred healing space. Anyone with Reiki II or higher can send distance Reiki.

The healer asks for healing to go to people, animals, plants or situations named on a list. Through visualisation and centred thought, the healer sends healing energy balancing to all named. Reiki is an intelligent energy and knows what you most need in any given moment. It will clear energy on all levels from the spiritual to the physical. The energy will clear unwanted blockages from your aura, chakras, meridians, body, emotions, mind and spirit. Reiki will fill you with high vibrating, healing energy and it will nourish and restore your energy so you feel more aligned with your inner being and wholeness. Before sending Reiki I will need to be sure to have your permission, without it can be a violation of the individual’s free-will. After all, Reiki does not interfere with free will, and neither should we.

Relax, Release and Open to receive

*** 1 hour – Distance Reiki – £30 ***

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